Fort View With Infinity Pool (780 Sq.ft.)

"Fort View with Infinity Pool" describes accommodations, likely in a hotel or resort, where guests can enjoy a view of a nearby fort while also having access to an infinity pool. This combination suggests a luxurious setting, where guests can relax in the pool while admiring the historical or architectural beauty of the fort in the distance. An infinity pool, with its edge seemingly blending into the surrounding landscape, adds to the sense of tranquility and elegance. Such accommodations would appeal to travelers seeking a unique and upscale experience, combining leisure with cultural appreciation.


  • Restaurant
  • Banquet Hall
  • Meeting Room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Bar
  • Spa
  • Golf Cart
  • Wedding Lawn
  • Aravali View
  • Air Conditioners
  • Television
  • Bone Fire
  • Village Tour
  • Traking
  • Chef In You ( Self Cooking)